Velocity Beta

Analytics and benchmarks for engineering teams and processes

Velocity helps organizations increase their engineering capacity by identifying bottlenecks, improving day-to-day developer experience, and coaching teams with data, not just anecdotes.

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Hey everyone -- We're excited to share this with the Product Hunt community. It's our second product, and we built it to work together with our code quality offering to advance our mission: Superpowers for Engineering Teams. Let us know if you have any questions. We'll be around here all day to answer them! Cheers, -Bryan
@brynary congrats on the big ship! Will be checking this out.
@mscccc Thanks, Mike! Let us know what you think.
Interesting product. Many companies still think that measuring velocity is useful, but not correlating the velocity with other dimensions (e.g. how many team members are actually available this sprint) make it useless. This tool seems to be a step in the good direction. The website does not mention with which tools it currently integrates (I suspect Github), is Jira also supported?
@tthisk Hello! Thanks for the feedback. Yes, we definitely try to go as deep as possible to make the information relevant. Also, whenever we're looking at output, we try to look at it both from a quantity (e.g. PRs merged) and quality (e.g. technical debt introduced) level... It's important not to over-focus on one over the other. Right now we integrated w/ GitHub, but Jira integration is definitely planned.
Hey Lindsay and Kathryn! What was the inspiration behind your new product?
@nickabouzeid Hi Nick -- Thanks for asking. We heard from lots of engineering teams that we work with that they're often forced to make decisions based on gut feel and anecdotes instead of data. For example, historically, it's been really hard to know if the process changes you're trying on your engineering team are working. We hope that our Velocity product helps drive more informed discussions within and around engineering teams and the people they work with.
Hmm, is this like GitPrime?
@idris_mokhtarzada Hey! Good question. (Of course, fair warning I'm a bit biased, and I've never used GitPrime, but will try to answer.) There's definitely some overlap but the products have some key differences: * Velocity is optimized for teams that use Pull Requests, and a lot of our reporting is based around that as the fundamental unit of work. GitPrime seems more focused at the commit level. Related, we incorporate information about non-coding activities like reviewing PRs. * Velocity goes beyond Git-level information and performs quality/static analysis on the code itself. This allows us to report on output in terms of of both quality and quantity, which we think goes well together. * We've worked hard to provide meaningful benchmarks against industry averages, so you can get a sense for what the best opportunities for improvement are across your entire engineering process (not just commit/Git-level data). As an example, we can tell you how your team is doing in terms of "Wait Time to Review" (the amount of time between when a PR is opened and when it gets its first human review). Hope that helps! Would love to hear any feedback you have.
Very cool that you offer a free forever plan for open source projects ✨👍