Powerful Asana dashboards and reports

Powerful Asana dashboards and reports. Optimize how your team works.
Use Velocity's powerful reporting tools to measure how your team works and optimize your productivity. Shareable reports and dashboards, a Chrome extension, and a Google Sheets integration.
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I'm a founder of Velocity, and I'm happy to answer any questions! Velocity is a very flexible, powerful way to see how work is being done at your company. Our report builder is inspired by business intelligence applications. It allows you to slice your Asana data by assignee, project, team, section, tag, custom field, and just about any other field. You can then share your reports via dashboards, email, CSV, Excel, HTML embeds, TV displays, and more. We've seen teams use Velocity for project progress reports, sprint tracking, time tracking, marketing campaign tracking, client cost tracking, and hundreds of other use cases. Teams often discover trends that they were completely unaware of. When pairing Velocity with Asana's custom fields, teams can create extremely customized reports.
Great way to uncover productivity insights and optimise projects!
Insights are very powerful tool to increase you team's productivity. The app is very powerful for BA researchers and has even quite powerful queries to datasets and moreover ability to export data as csv!