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#1 Product of the DaySeptember 03, 2018

The world is moving fast.

I send an email newsletter every Sunday with new ideas handpicked from 100+ sources of information (stories, videos, gifs, podcasts, products, random stats) from the past week.

I’m Gaurav Baheti, co-founder @ Spars. If you’re someone who likes knowing/doing new cool things – you should sign up. It's pretty cool.

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Hi all, Velocity started as a side project few months ago with the goal to share new ideas and stories. Wrote a little something on why I started it here: Over 700 people are reading each week - and the response has been amazing so far. You should sign up. It's pretty cool. I'd love to hear what you think too. Let me know!
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@gbaheti looks amazing as @abnux 's UI sources newsletter. :)
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Have been subscribed for the pas few months now, I look forward to receiving Gaurav's email every Sunday in my inbox. Especially love the 'Free Ideas' section in the end, really makes me think!


Amazing curation!



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Thank you for hunting @abnux!
Hey! The idea is pretty cool. Is it basically you share Ideas based on your experience? Or am I driven to a wrong path?
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@astghik_azaryan I curate ideas, stories, facts - which I think more people should use/read/ponder over.
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@gbaheti and where do you get those ideas from?

Has 3-4 sections, curation of articles is amazing and the Ideas section has real world problems, few mind boggling facts included as well.

Been a subscriber for a few months already.


Has bullet points, pointing to originals and are very highly curated.


None even after 3-4 months of usage.

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Thank you Priyank!