An affordable exercise bike. Race against the world.

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Velo is a sleek, affordable stationary bike that helps you use friendly competition to smash your fitness goals. Ergonomic, robust design meets software that enables you to race against anyone, anywhere in the world.

Kevin Johnson
Sa Vo
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  • Charles Côté
    Charles CôtéAspire to make a difference!

    Combines my two loves - gaming and cycling!


    Nothing glaring i can see yet!

    It will be a great way to stay fit in the winter when its too cold/icy to go for big bike rides.

    Charles Côté has used this product for one month.
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Chi Tran
Chi TranMaker@chitran241 · Autonomous
Hi Hunters, If you thrive on healthy competition and want to be part of a dynamic community to spur you on, you've met your match. Velo is an affordable, streamlined exercise bike that connects you with competitors all over the world, all from the comfort of your own home. • Start a race with anyone, anywhere • Over 50 of the world's best race tracks • On demand exercise stats • Personal audio coach • Streamlined, robust, space-saving design • Ergonomically engineered - adjustable seat, handlebar, and adjustable resistance level • 17" touch screen - find everything you need at your fingertips We launched on indiegogo yesterday, and are already 70% of the way to the finish line! We wanted the producthunt community to have access to early-bird prices - starting at just $199. Check it out: All queries, comments, congratulations and criticism welcome - we'd love to hear it all! - Chi from Autonomous
Taylor Majewski
Taylor MajewskiPro@taylormajewski · Head of News and Social, Product Hunt
@chitran241 Looks cool, but also reminds me a lot of Peloton. What makes Velo different?
Wayne Arthington
Wayne Arthington@d_qu_c_d_t · Growth Hacker
The idea's not 100% new but Especially with the price they offer, I think Velo will be a hit.
Chi Tran
Chi TranMaker@chitran241 · Autonomous
@d_qu_c_d_t thanks! agree that the concept is not absolutely novel. But either we think that there is anyone dealing with leveraging competition nature of humans to push exercise motivation in the market. From the standpoint of start-up people who are hungry for success and better ourself everyday, we hope that this can help us to be both productive and healthy.
Ann Dillard
Ann Dillard@anniephan · a day dreamer and night thinker
I’m sure I saw Velo on producthunt about a month ago? I liked the idea, now it seems you’ve come back with a totally new design. Why’s that?
Chi Tran
Chi TranMaker@chitran241 · Autonomous
Hi @anniephan Thanks for your interest. You're right, we launched Velo on Producthunt around a month ago. After that launch, we received really constructive feedback and good comments from the community. We took it all on board, and have come back with a new and improved design. We made the design more streamlined and sleek, but manufactured from even stronger and more durable materials. We hope you like it! To get the full low down on our manufacturing materials, please visit us our Indiegogo campaign at
The racing worldwide feature is what draws me to this product, especially when it's grey and windy outside. Thinking of ordering but not sure which version is right for me
Chi Tran
Chi TranMaker@chitran241 · Autonomous
@kev9203 hey thanks for being interested in Velo. Basically if you love healthy competition, the Competitor and the Champion are made for you. Select the Champion if you don't want to deal with the hassle of downloading the app. If you're fine with your own tablet (or phone), Competitor is good to go. Check the table below to see the differences among three models.
Ha David
Ha David@ha_david · Crazy
This product is perfect for who can't find the time or motivation to go the gym, or don't really know where to start to get fit. I don't think i'd buy one, but it will be great for my wife who's a stay at home mom.