Frictionless Identity verification through Blockchain

Velix.ID is a RegTech blockchain startup catering to a $200 Billion a year market in the ID Verification Space. Working in synergy with government & industry, Velix.ID plans to integrate its ecosystem across all major industry verticals. Current markets are India & Australia with over 1.3 Billion identities, to be followed with Asia-Pacific and UK.

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This is among the promising ICOs that I have come across. It aims to solve a genuine problem of identity and data theft by bringing identity verification on the blockchain. Often, we tend to give our personal information while ordering a pizza, buying a new SIM, or applying for a new job. If we take a moment to think about this, we tend to compromise our privacy while sharing these details. The disclosure of such private information can lead to unwarranted financial loss and the situation is alarming. Velix.ID aims are solving the problem of financial costs, time, privacy concerns associated with identity verification.
@jitesh_dugar Thanks for hunting! I'd love to find the makers behind this so we can bring them into the conversation... really interesting application of blockchain in a tech field where we've seen startups like Onfido get significant funding.
@abadesi True. Even I found the idea really interesting. Managed to find the makers @manavsinghal & @neerv so they can join the conversation.
@jitesh_dugar @abadesi Hi! Thanks for liking the project ! Identity verification is a huge problem for users and businesses.The current processes are costly, time consuming and are risky for the user as the maximum identity theft happens during the identity verification process.We believe, a decentralised blockchain ecosystem would be able to solve this big world problem.
@jitesh_dugar everything about this looks a lot like Civic Key by Vinny Lingham.

The team looks very good and the product seems to be solving a genuine problem


Frictionless, Transparent Identity Verification