Helps you find beauty products matching your needs.

We've built an engaged community that share their authentic product experiences on the platform - crowdsourced feedback enables people to make smarter beauty (skincare and makeup) product choices. From a consumer standpoint, Veleza plays a role similar to TripAdvisor, Vivino or IMDb in their respective spaces.

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With Veleza you can discover beauty products matching your skin type and personal preferences. A friendly community of beauty lovers is offering skin care advice, sharing genuine product feedback and DYI beauty recipes.
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@aurepavi Hi Aure. Cool product! Does it also curate based off of recommendations and ala reviews? I know the beauty industry is always growing, and products are showcased daily.
@geekyyang behind the scenes we're running a hybrid (content & collaborative filtering) recommender engine, which takes into account product ratings from actual product users, member's skin "profile" (skin type, sensitivity, concerns) and member's existing product portfolio. In the future we'll pay attention to more signals like climate (i.e. Boston, MA vs. Miami, FL), portfolio price range, ingredient composition, etc.
This is really cool! I'm very conscious on what ingredients are in my products. Does the app show ingredients? Or is this more focused on social and awareness of new products?
@jacqvon Thanks for hunting Veleza! Glad you've asked about ingredients. For many consumers ingredients play a role in product purchase decision. Inside the app, you can find a list of ingredients for a certain product along with descriptions explaining the "role" of the ingredient. Potentially harmful ingredients are shown with a corresponding badge. A sizeable chunk of products in our database already have ingredient information available. It will take a bit to achieve 100% coverage 😊
Great product, good luck guys!
All the single ladies. This have been premiered during Beyonce's performance. I don't use make up but am sure people who do will find it useful.
@kanetmike thank you for your support 😊
I am a beauty products junkie and also Into DIY cosmetic recipes, and I am very impressed with this app so far.
@love2golf Great to hear. See you in the app :)