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#5 Product of the DayMarch 10, 2017
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Hello everyone at Product Hunt! I’m David de Min, CEO & Founder of Velapp. The team and I are extremely excited to have been hunted today! We’ll be available here all day to answer any questions you may have. Velapp is worlds first live video editor. After an epic journey on motorbikes around the Himalayas with my brother, I ended up having over 300 hours of footage! As you can imagine it took FOREVER to edit! That’s when the idea hit me, ‘If only I could have edited the best parts, as I was recording it. Then automatically showing me the best moments’ The idea is just like memories; we always remember the best parts of our lives most vividly – and that is exactly how Velapp works. As you shoot, you tell Velapp where the best moments are. The better you like something, the harder you press the 3D touch button on the iPhone. (we have a slider for backwards compatible phones) Then you use a slider to show how much you want to playback. Editing as you shoot, means your video is ready to be uploaded the moment you finish. For example when filming a sport, your pet’s antics, your baby’s first footsteps or a firework display, you tend record for longer. With Velapp you’re choosing the highlights while you film. So a ten-minute clip can be INSTANTLY cut to just show just one, two or however many minutes you want WITHOUT losing the original! Immediately ready share with your friends. There is no ‘second stage’ editing. After our beta testing we have discovered many use cases for Velapp and we are very much look forward to hearing how Velapp could save you time! Check out our video too
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@daviddemin very cool idea! Wondering how something like this would work for the tonnes of @GoPro movies I've got laying around on my harddrive as well.. Would this work as a desktop app in the future too? Where you replicate the same behaviour only then when you just watch the footage from your hard drive? Would potentially make editing all the older footage (and your Himalaya adventure) a possibility as well.
@jcvangent Hi Hans, thanks for the great feedback! Using a GoPor was the exact reason was what inspired me to conceptualise and develop Velapp! So yes, in the future we will definitely be incorporating a way to not only Velapp your old footage, but use the core concept of Velapp while you film with you action cameras with a device we currently are designing. Let's keep in touch as I'd love to show you what we're working on! We will eventually have a desktop version that seamlessly integrates with mobile
@daviddemin cool always be willing to test some stuff so let me know!
@jcvangent Thanks Hans. It's great to get someone as brilliant as you testing Velapp. You have a wonderful way of coming up with features and ideas that we would never have thought of in the first place. Incredible!
@paul_s_kemp stop you're making me blush 😳 😚 😉
While I’m not terribly into parkour / rock climbing / jet skiing / outdoor things / motion, I am always happy to stand on the sidelines and film your amazing adventures from a safe distance. But the problem is to get that one perfect triple ollie kickflip shot, I end up taking hours of film. And while it was fun at the time, I don’t particularly feel like taking another 3 hours to rewatch and edit my tapes. That’s where Velapp comes in. Using the pressure sensor on screen, simply press more firmly when something looks more exciting—it’ll get a higher rating on the app. Then when you squeeze down the time only the highly rated shots remain. Instant editing feature—on the go. Plus, Woz digs it. I’m not above jumping on that bandwagon. :P
@kikischirr We'll have to get you on a snowboard testing out the app. I'm guessing it'll be hard to find snowy mountains around the Bay Area, but you can always take a road trip to Colorado :)
Coolest idea I've seen in a long time in this sector. Congrats.
@andreasduess Thank you so much, awesome to have feedback like this! :)
@andreasduess Coolest comment I've seen on Product Hunt in a long time. Congrats to you
I must say this has an incredible potential. The idea of pressure pre-editing and selection-oriented outputting is genius from an User Experience point of view. I can easily see a sensitive hand controller that marks the editing highs and lows being attachable to any recording device (audio/podcasting too) and a myriad of options for UI/apps to support it. Way larger than mere in-app purchases, this could set up the whole scene for very cool supporting gadgetry. This can be indispensable and legit huge a thing. The UX itself can easily break off independently, away from Apple-only 3D Touch. It's a principle to various add-ons and pluggable hardware possibilities. I really hope you have this patented @jacquesvh.. \0/ Just while I'm writing this I can clearly see 7-10 different applications for the technology and an entire UX dreamscape. Done right, you may be responsible for an entire reboot in this sector. Do think big here! Nothing but love and excitement for Velapp mate. Sincere congratulations.
@lyondhur your comment is absolutely inspiring. We wouldhave a 'virtual coffee ☕️ chat' over Skype sometime very soon. Lots to think about. @daviddemin @lyondhur your comment is absolutely inspiring. We would love to have a 'virtual coffee ☕️ chat' over Skype sometime very soon. Lots to think about. @daviddemin
@paul_s_kemp @daviddemin I'd love to lads. Hit me up with a DM sometime soon on Twitter or here. I'll follow you both. Greetings from New Zealand.
@lyondhur @jacquesvh wow I'm blown away by your feedback! Thanks SO much for this! As a founder you live and breathe your product and it's so inspiring when you hear someone resinate with your vision :) I'd love to share with you what our roadmap looks like with @paul_s_kemp as this is just the beginning for us! :D We have filed for a few patents, but we are due to file for some more as we're integrating some nextgen AI ontop of our platform! Let's connect and speak soon!
@daviddemin this is really exciting mate. I'm happy to do that and happy for you guys as well. Looking forward to chatting with you both. Best cheers.
Really smart idea and execution - congrats on the launch! It'll be really interesting to see what users start to make with this technology, and the off-line/non-mobile extensions sound really exciting. Cheers!
@omicaustin thanks for the comment. It's new alright - I really cannot think of another app using 3D Touch this way. Imagine a world where we can use this tech to rate online videos as we're watching them 💡
@paul_s_kemp Yes. I was thinking about the market research opportunities as well. You guys have a lot of great work ahead of you. So many applications could benefit from this.