Track your weight fast & simple

Vekt helps you keep track of your weight and get it into Apple's own Health app. The design of this app is focused on speed and simplicity.

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Hi, My name is Hidde and I created Vekt. Vekt is an iOS app that helps you track your weight fast and works with HealthKit. In my day to day job I'm a designer and I build this app to challenged myself in becoming better at Swift and iOS development in general. My main focus for this was to keep it as simple as possible and yet be powerful. The problem it solves for people is that it was super clumsy to get your weight record into Apple's Health app without a smart scale, Vekt solves this problem. I would love to hear your thoughts and all feedback is welcome!
Haha. Nice! I see you spent your time on the plane as it should 😜
Been looking for something like this. Processing it in the health app is too complicated. Adding a watch app would be even better! ;)
@williamvz Good to hear that! Watch app is coming next update 😊
@williamvz It’s here! I just launched Vekt 1.1 which includes an ⌚️ version and some smaller improvements.