A better version of the classic hamburger icon

A Veganburger is a two color webfont replacement for the common hamburger icon that looks good on any number of backgrounds... As a super tiny and compact SVG webfont it'll look as great as a burger can at any screen resolution.

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Duane Wilson✌️
Product : Design & Development
Last week I wanted to set myself a small task to learn how to make a webfont for another project, but I wasn't sure where to start. I wanted something simple so I could figure it all out and not get in the weeds with massive feature creep, etc... I happened to be scrolling around on twitter and noticed a post from @alexmuench about a design detail on Amazon where there was a black and white arrow icon that looked nice on a variety of backgrounds as the user scrolled around and thought that might be a simple way to start So... I made a single, simple webfont in that style and I called it a vegan burger (Vegans are awesome even if Daniel Sloss disagrees... To make it I used Sketch (for more practice using that program), icomoon to convert the SVG into a webfont, Neocities to host the demo website and a GitHub account to host the files. I am using Neocities as the CDN for hosting veganburger, or you can grab the source and host it yourself. I hope you like it ;D p.s. I want to make a few more of these in different styles because I'm not a huge fan of the burger icon (I know... right?) and think there might be a better way to do it... What would you do to make a better burger ?
NarmadhaaCopywriter and marketer, Zoho.
Nice! I've never given much thought to the hamburger icon, but now that I see how the dual colour version looks on different backgrounds, it seems such an obvious fit. Also, I love the name—it made me curious enough to click. Good luck and cheers!
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