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Andrew PyottHunter@andrewpyott · Creative, Art Director
In an ever more international marketplace, it's important to understand what time zone your contacts live in. If you make pleny of calls abroad, knowing exactly what time it is is very important for your profesional and networking needs.
Enric Enrich@enricenrich · Software Developer • Maker of Veern
Hi, I'm the creator of Veern. If you have any question about the app, suggestions or you want to say hi, don't hesitate to leave a comment! (:
Ryan HooverPro@rrhoover · Founder, Product Hunt
Hey @enricenrich! Well done on the design. Why'd you build Veern?
Enric Enrich@enricenrich · Software Developer • Maker of Veern
Hi @rrhoover! Thanks! I did it for two reasons. One, because I have friends all around the world, and sometimes I don't know what time is it on where they live, so I created Veern to solve this problem. And two, to learn more about iOS and Objective-C.
Andrew PyottHunter@andrewpyott · Creative, Art Director
Gotta say @rrhoover that since I've started to interact more with US communities, this time zone thing messes with my head. I even setup clocks on my dashboard for east coast, west coast, just so I can get my head around it. Living in Europe, you know it's either an hour up or down, and that's about it, but it gets messy when there are people from all over the world involved. Great to have you here @enricenrich , I would ask you about an Android version, but you already told me on Twitter last night (somewhere in the afternoon for you guys in the US :)). Let us know if you ever get round to it! Congrats on such a simple idea.