VeeR was born out of the belief that content sharing is veering towards VR.

VeeR gives its users the platform, analytic and editing tools, support, and know-how necessary for creating remarkably immersive and stunning VR videos. We invite you to join in our vision and take part in the world’s most dynamic VR community.

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A community for finding new VR content 😌
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@gabriel__lewis saw this featured in the app store! looks cool
@gabriel__lewis Thanks for submitting our product :)
great place to find awesome VR experiences :)
@findabhilash Thank you😊 There are new VR videos uploaded everyday from all over the world.
pretty cool idea for the next video platform!
@ben_ingignieri Thanks😊 We believe that VR will change the way people tell their stories and share with the world
This gonna be the next Youtube for VR!
@xhlin We'll make it more fun and engaging than Youtube😁