Veer - Split Belt M1

Upgrade your bike from a chain to a belt. No more leg grease

Say goodbye to greasy pant legs and dirty hands.

Enjoy the benefits of belts with the first split belt conversion kit that fits any frame. Belts offer low maintenance, no chain grease, less weight, and a smoother, more responsive ride.

Stress less about your bike and enjoy the ride.

Veer towards the belt direction.

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Very cool, does it have any advantages other than no grease? Because I paid much less for my bike than the conversion kit is priced at.
@max_de_vos Other advantages include way less maintenance. If you don't ride your bike a lot and even leave it in the rain it doesn't rust, unlike a chain. Belts last much longer than chains so if you aren't an avid rider or commuter you don't have to worry about what shape your belt will be in when you hop on your bike. You are definitely paying for the experience. When you ride a bike with a belt it's less noisy, smoother, and much more responsive. It's kind of hard to explain unless you actually demo a belt bike and feel the difference. Also, we are still in startup mode and everything is made in the USA. Let us know if you have any other questions!
What is the belt made of? I feel much safer with a steel chain 🤗 !
@dredurr The belts are carbon fiber! To be exact they are constructed from carbon fiber tensile cords in a polyurethane sheath, with nylon tooth facing. The belts are 2x stronger than chains, last much longer, and are lighter.

Nice product for cycles.


we can get rid of grease, easy to fix the chain back if it falls or clogs.


i dont see any cons right now