VeeR Editor

Revolutionize the way you edit 360 videos

VeeR Editor is the most easy-to-use and fun 360° video editor for smartphones. With it, you can directly edit videos made with your 360° cameras. Simply select and reorder 360 clips and choose from our wide selection of features such as adding stickers, texts, filters and large music library to create 360 videos.

  • Pros: 

    Streamlined w/ great design


    Simplistic, needs more features in the future

    This app is awesome for having just been released! It's unfortunate to have to write a "con", so you can ignore mine as it's barely a con given that it's a brand new release. Still, I'm looking forward to the future improvements VeeR will make for the app. A first of its kind so well done, VeeR team!

    Hayden Bradley has used this product for one week.
  • Jennifer Zhao
    Jennifer ZhaoData Scientist

    easy to use; makers always listen


    None. They are constantly improving the app.

    It is my go to app for editing 360 videos :) They released the internal testing one awhile back and I am impressed how quickly they iterate the design.

    Jennifer Zhao has used this product for one week.
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Jingshu Chen
Jingshu ChenMaker@jessiechen0701 · Cofounder @VeeR VR
Hey Product Hunt community! I'm Jingshu and the co-founder of VeeR. We are super excited to be here and introduce you VeeR Editor. Huge thanks to @_jacksmith for hunting us! While 360 photography has spread through professional projects to the consumer market, we realized that users of these cameras haven’t been able to find a 360 editor for mobile devices. Aiming at this pain point, our team created VeeR Editor to help VR enthusiasts edit and share 360 videos on their phone, truly revolutionizing 360 production. Some highlights: Sticker, Filter & Music • Create a fun, final touch using our selection of animated stickers • Add filters to stylize your video • Import music or select from VeeR Editor’s library to create a final, cinematic experience Multi-clip editing • Simply select and reorder clips, add transitions, and then export as one single clip Quick preview in VR mode • Switch between 360 and two-lensed mode to view your edits and effects in real time Share to social media • One click to share your favorite videos to social platforms like VeeR VR, Facebook, Twitter, etc. More questions? Fire away! We are here for AMA!
Philipp Wüthrich
Philipp Wüthrich@phippuuuu · 🇨🇭
@jessiechen0701 Is/Will it be possible to export a 360 video as a normal video and choose the framing in the app?
Adithya Shreshti
Adithya ShreshtiPro@adithya · Founder of Knowmad Life | Startuposphere
@_jacksmith @jessiechen0701 Wow! This is awesome. Looks like you are the first to do this, a simple but necessary mobile app for 360 content creators. Kudos. That watermark should be optional 😀
Jingshu Chen
Jingshu ChenMaker@jessiechen0701 · Cofounder @VeeR VR
@phippuuuu Yep that's a direction we are exploring :)
Jingshu Chen
Jingshu ChenMaker@jessiechen0701 · Cofounder @VeeR VR
@_jacksmith @adithya Thanks Adithya. We'll have flexible settings for watermark in the future.
Yoga Shi
Yoga Shi@yoga_shi · VR lover
@_jacksmith @jessiechen0701 Wow this is amazing. Excited to edit my 360 video directly from my phone!
Ayden Hanzhong Ye
Ayden Hanzhong YeMaker@ayden_ye · co-founder, VeeR VR
Thanks Jack for recommending!! We aim to be the most easy-to-use and powerful VR/360 editor app. Edit your 360 video on the go! Works perfectly with all types of 360 cameras. Coolest thing is that you can add your free music background and funny stickers! Keep an eye on the special Halloween stickers available today!!!
Zetong Li
Zetong LiHiring@zetong_li
Wow this is super cool!
Jingshu Chen
Jingshu ChenMaker@jessiechen0701 · Cofounder @VeeR VR
@zetong_li Thanks Zetong! Glad you like it!!
Felicia  Li
Felicia Li@felicia_li · Designer
I've been on this editor since its beta version. It's really easy and effective to get my 360 videos more fun with all the stickers and music tracks. I can do so much to my videos on my phone and share them immediately. Great for 360 video editing on mobile phones and sharing to social media.
Jingshu Chen
Jingshu ChenMaker@jessiechen0701 · Cofounder @VeeR VR
@felicia_li Thanks Felicia! Hope to see more of your 360 videos on VeeR! Cheers!