VEED Subtitle

A simple & fast way to add subtitles to your videos online

A simple & fast way to add subtitles to your videos online
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Hey Product Hunt, Sabba here We have been building our online video editor for the last year and like many, have been fearing to launch on PH. Today we are super excited to launch our subtitle tool! Did you know that the majority of videos that are watched on social media are viewed without audio! (about 80%) This has led to a new wave of videos being watched with subtitles on them. With our subtitle tool, you can easily add subtitles to a video in a just a few clicks (and a bit of typing) PS we were planning on launching our main site but someone hunted it a few months back
@sab8a Hey Product Hunt! I am Tim, co-founder of VEED. Adding Subtitles functionality has been one of the most requested features for a long time and we are super pumped to show it off finally. Building simple online video editors is actually not a simple as it might seem. Behind the scenes we have been working tirelessly to make it the best possible experience we can for our users. Over the many months we had to redesign our entire tech stack several times to be able to produce better higher quality videos and let us bring extra functionality you would love to use. So if you have any suggestions on how we could improve our product even more we would love to hear from you directly (Sabba:, Tim: Thanks 🙏🏼 P.S. We are currently based in United States (California). It's about 2am for us, so if are slow to respond, it is because of the time difference. We are going to sleep now, but will respond to all messages in about 7 hours :)

Promising product. I definitely recommend it.


Simple, friendly yet powerful user interface. Very easy to use, lots of interesting features and fast rendering speeds.


So far none!

great product for the videomaker.
Great product! It makes editing subtitles sooooo much faster, and I love the live preview. What have you guys got planned next?
@calum_moore Hey Calum! Really happy you like it. Actually, we think adding subtitles can be even simpler. We are working on a further improvement to add subtitles automatically. It should, hopefully, be out later this week. For all other planned features, please check out our homepage with a list of tools that are coming out. Those are requested by the community, so feel free to message us or jump on a call and we'll add your suggestion to our list :)
@timur_mamedov_ Sounds great! Keep up the good work!
wow, it will make my work more faster.