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I've seen a few similar sites but this one looks the most user friendly where I could actually get a streamlined experience. Can you say what how much it would cost to get a video for a startup?
@drorco Hey Dror, Yep, just like any other company we DO have a few competitors, which are also doing great job. We have a different approach and I'm glad that you noticed the user friendly thing about us :) We had startups getting video for as low as $1,000 and also as high as $10,000. I'd say that the average for a startup video would be around $3k-$4k, Let me know if you have any other questions.. Cheers, Yoav
Without a doubt, one of the coolest services out there. Need a cool video for your business or startup? Just answer some questions regarding your needs, and start getting proposals and concepts from handpicked video pros. Choose the pro that is best for you, and get your video done. I love this easy to use concept for something that is usually a headache from hell!
@kobaiko Hey! Thanks so much for the kind words, you got it right, it's exactly what we do and I glad you like our service :) Cheers, Yoav
Hey fellow hunters! First of all, thanks a lot to @shachargilad for hunting us and putting us in the spotlight, it's a great honor. I'm Yoav, co-founder & CEO at's goal is pretty simple, we want to make videos accessible for all sorts of businesses and we're doing it by simplifying the way you ask for videos, by matching you with the right creators who pitch themselves for your project and of course - we help you manage the whole production process from a-z, providing you exit point in different payment stages. We have creators all around the world so you can be very specific with the location you want your video shot at. It costs nothing to list a project and the commission we take is from the creators, so once a project begins we'll take our cut proportionally from each stage (18%). Videos on cost anywhere between $1000 to $10,000 at the higher end. Feel free to visit our website and check out our Super Heroes video that we created, through our own community :) Have an awesome year, Yoav Co-founder & CEO
@yoavush sounds rad! Might be a good time to give some expiring promo codes to product hunters
@preetnation Happy to give discounts to all fellow product hunters. As we don't have promo codes system yet, I'll have to personally give you discounts on the commission. Once you create a project - reach out to me and I'll handle it.
This is an amazing service for getting a video done. Instead of having to reach out to a million people, it's all in one place. And the video people are high quality. It's a win-win.
Thanks for the kind words! #blushing Win-win is a great thing to hear when talking about