Vee for Video

An entirely new way to shoot, edit and share videos

#5 Product of the DayJune 05, 2015
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I've been using the beta for a few weeks, outstanding product. Another great app from @scottmeinzer, the creator of Camera+
Thanks for the kind words @kevinrose We've been working on Vee for over a year now, and the idea was really rooted in the fact that we found our camera rolls filled with minute long videos (all one shot) that we never watched again or did anything with. We previously tried to solve this for photos with Camera+ by making it easy to shoot, edit and share from the same device while maintaining super high quality. The idea behind Vee was to do the same thing, but for video. To make it so that editing isn't a separate (tedious) process you avoid doing later but something you're doing while you are shooting. Apps like Vine and Instagram made it really easy to stitch a few clips together but didn't have the quality we were looking for. They also wanted you to share on their network, which we didn't always want to do. We've really love shooting stuff with Vee over the past year and hopefully some other people enjoy it too. Plus we're really excited about features we'll be adding in the next couple months. If you have any questions about the app or where we're going feel free to ask and I'll try and answer them.
@scottmeinzer I can't seem to find it on the UK app store.
@maxwood iTunes always seems to be a little slow with roll out across the world — It took 12 hours from the time we turned it live to show up in the US store. I'd imagine it'll show up in the UK soon. Search results also take forever to include new apps (both because of caching and because they are new so they have no downloads/relevance), so it's usually best to let iTunes try and turn the US link into the appropriate UK one.
Long time fan of Cam+ and have been looking for something to help tackle longer form video creation from mobile. Outside of duration and UX, what makes Vee unique, say from Spark, etc? *downloading now
@kylekesterson From a pure technical perspective; We support 1080p recording, as well as high FPS recoding if your device supports it. Our filters can be previewed live and can be changed in post. We export and upload in the background so you don't need to wait around. As you mentioned, there's no limit to duration — we've shot videos lasting over an hour made of 100s of clips. But really what we love about Vee is the workflow of enabling you to easily play your video and shoot additional clips all from the same screen. We've worked really hard (and significantly reworked the UI 3 times over the past year) to try and balance being able to easily add footage, trim and edit all from the same screen. It's changed the way we shoot videos by being able to think in terms of how things are ordered, and easily add footage whenever and drop it exactly where we want.
Wow, I just downloaded this about 10 minutes ago after reading the comment from @kevinrose and just did a sample video. I have to admit, I knew this would be good but not as amazing as I just experienced. I've been waiting for someone to come out with something like this for quite a while. Super impressed with the quality and all the free features within the app. Absolutely brilliant @scottmeinzer! Ok, that's my quick review and now I've got to go play with Vee some more. I feel an app addiction coming on. ;)
Looks great! You should make it free and watermark the videos with an in-app purchase removal of the watermark.