Vectr WordPress Plugin

Edit images/create vector graphics in your WordPress window

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Hey guys! Nick, CEO @ Vectr here. We launched Vectr version 1.0 half a year ago, and today we're happy to present you our embedded editor plugin for WordPress! Vectr’s plugin brings full features of Vectr to WordPress. It is unique because it is the first vector graphics editor available on WordPress as a native plugin, and allowing you to create or edit 2D graphics from inside of your WordPress window. We strongly believe that our embedded editor plugin will be a great addition to the toolbox of any blogger, content marketer, social media manager or journalist working with WordPress. Hope you like it, looking forward your comments and questions!
@nick_budden Congrats Nick for the amazing job!. I had the chance to meet Vlad and launching the Wordpress plugin is definitely the way to go. Vectr is really awesome and having your own plugin will make the work of marketers, bloggers and designers so much easier. All the best!
@johnfrlyon thanks for the kind words!
@johnfrlyon Thanks Jonathan!
Going to try it for sure!☺️
@nick_budden Great seeing you here man! Saw your pitch back in 2015. You've come very far and will continue to do so. Cheers!
@jiyuqiao thanks! Still a long way to go ;)
Really looking forward to trying this out! Keep up the great work.
Great guys will definitely try