Vectr 1.0

Free, cross-platform vector graphics editor.

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Hey Guys - Vectr's out of beta! Coming out of beta with Vectr 1.0 today. Vectr's CEO here - we hope you enjoy Vectr 1.0! ;) Over the past year we've been hard at work, made huge leaps with Vectr, and we're finally ready to pull back the curtain. Vectr 1.0 has curves, a layers panel, SVG import, partial offline support, Firefox support, Linux support, gradients, and roughly 50 other new features and more bugfixes than we can count. Hope you enjoy Product Hunters! As always, Vectr's completely free and cross-platform web, Mac, Windows, Linux, and Chromebook. Love to hear your thoughts, and what we should build next!
@nickbudden what are the huge leaps?
Hey @bentossell! Quite a few, let me just run through a couple. In beta, we didn't have layers (at all). We've added a layers panel, the ability to lock and show/hide layers, set width/height/rotation/x-position/y-position of layers, etc. May seem subtle, but for a lot of our users this was a huge step. We've also added SVG importing. For many users, the ability to import SVG's - in order to continue editing a design they already have, or in order to build a design at least partially out of assets they find on the web - was another huge step. We saw quite an uptick here. Curves! In beta, we actually didn't yet have any way to edit curves (i.e. bezier editing). If you see the blue laptop in the screenshot above, I actually created that before we had a way to edit curves directly, and it literally took days. Now, with our curve tools, the same project may take me 1.5-2 hours. One member of our team has spent the better part of the last half-year on curve and path editing tools, and with his help we've taken curves (and path editing in general) many steps ahead. Linux support! Linux users have long been at an almost complete lack when it comes to vector editing software, so we made a point of making sure we shipped solid/equal support for Linux alongside other platforms. We've gotten a wealth of support from the Linux community for this, but just to keep things concise I grabbed the most recent comment from a few hours back ;): Firefox support! Roughly a quarter of our users are Firefox users, but in beta we couldn't support these users - pretty much the whole app would explode in a ball of fire for Firefox users. We've gotten this fixed! We've got partial offline support! In beta, you needed a constant internet connection in order to use Vectr, but we're happy to say that we're no longer so tethered. Now, with Vectr 1.0, you can make up to 200 changes without an internet connection, before you need to re-connect and sync. For those with weak internet connections, and especially those in countries where their internet can be on/off, this means they can finally use Vectr uninterrupted. These users have long had problems with things like Google Docs blocking up and stopping to work each time their internet connection disconnects, and we wanted to make sure these users were covered. Gradients! We've added full support for gradients. This includes basic things like adding/removing color stops, repositioning, etc. as well as some more advanced features like gradient support for text. I could go on, but this post is getting a bit wordy as-is ;P Better than writing out a novel here, let me link you to a few articles where we map out our progress over the last year: - - - - - - - - - - - - - Even with that info, and those articles, I think it covers about half of what's shipped. We've quadrupled the app's speed, and most importantly gotten rid of the dreaded crash screen by fixing 100+ different ways to crash the app, and around the same number of other bugfixes in different parts of the app. Hope you enjoy Vectr 1.0!
@bentossell Should also note, although the look/feel of the app are the same we've shipped an entirely re-vamped layout two days back, for better usability, as part of coming out of beta ;)
@bentossell A buddy told me my answer was wayyy too long. So here's a shorter/less-rambling summary: - Offline editing - Curves & Proper Path Editing - Layers - Gradients - Linux Support - Chromebook Support - SVG Import - Firefox support - New UI - Doesn't crash! - 100+ bugfixes
@nickbudden haha it was preettyyy long but lets just say 'comprehensive' I like the TL;DR too :)
Wow. This is very good... Shooting for an @adobe acquisition? @vectrlabs @alexyoungkwon
@elizabethhunker Shooting a lot higher than that ;)
Good luck guys with this one!
Is there some way to alter UI display, especially text size in the standalone? Tiny light gray text against dark gray makes it extremely difficult to use for many.
@lynnfredricks Hey, we don't have a way for this now but if you find the text tough to read we'll lighten it up to make it more visible ;)