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Nick Budden — CEO @ Vectr
Hey guys Vectr co-founder here, feel free to hit me with any questions! Hope you enjoy the app!
@nickbudden it would be awesome if you can compare it to some of the existing SVG editors (Inkscape for example) out there
Alessio Delmonti — Full stack startup unicorn
@nickbudden I'd like to open SVG with this
Nick Budden — CEO @ Vectr
@alexintosh We've just shipped v1 of SVG import a few days ago! Still some bugs, but you should be able to drag/drop SVG's into Vectr now ;)
alex kwon — oneminute
It's super exciting to see Vectr in its current form. I first came across it when I met @nickbudden a year ago.

Collaboration on existing design tools is 💩. Vectr is super easy to kick-start for the beginners, even easier to share with others. And it's FREE. Forever.

Vectr is technically a challenging product to perfect, but Nick is formidable. He would sleep on the street, eat dirt for brunch if he needs to, to grow Vectr into the standard design tool of the future.
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