VectorScribe v3

The missing toolbox for Adobe Illustrator.

VectorScribe v3 is a a must-have tool for vector artists. VectorScribe is a plug-in that seamlessly integrates into Adobe Illustrator. Made up of a diverse range of tools that make working with bezier curves more intuitive and efficient. The tools also help reduce file size by remove unnecessary points with the "Smart Remove Brush".

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@Iconfinder has a couple of blog posts/product reviews you can view at the links below. I tried adding the links to the listing but they couldn't be loaded for some reason. Enjoy.
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I love astute things. They're doing it right! 🤜🏻
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@stevenjames I just heard Daft Punk's "Doing it Right" in my head. Yes, they definitely are. I got hooked and bought almost all of their plugins. I use the all the time. They make working with vectors so much easier.
@stevenjames Yeah, I am too.
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have it... get it!
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Astute has had awful customer service in the past (I have bought from them and it was extremely frustrating dealing with their team). The plugins are strong - I won’t argue that - but their service was enough for me to never buy from them again.