Design image and 3D vectors on iOS easily

VectorPad makes it easy for you to turn your designs into Vector Graphics & 3D extrusions. You can then export them into multiple formats like SVG, PDF, DXF and Swift code with native graphics; An STL (for 3D printing), DAE & SCN formats for 3D.
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Whilst I think your product is interesting you really need to take a second look at your logo design. It's almost identical to Vine's V logo. If you hired someone to design your logo outside the company I'd strongly suggest going back to them
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Vidit Bhargava
UI Design, LookUp (iOS App)
@cfowlerdesign Hi! I'm aware of the similarity, and it's something that is completely accidental, and something that I realised only after the app got approved for an App Store release. Currently working on a logo redesign and a new one should be available very soon.
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Clayton Parker
Youtuber | 3D Printing | Influencer
Excited to try this out! 3D Printing Youtuber here ;) always looking for cool new apps I can work with
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