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#3 Product of the DayFebruary 27, 2020
Vectorly for product teams who want:
🧠Use career matrix for personal growth
Performed tasks contribute to skill growth
🎯Give feedback to get skills the team needs
🧗‍♀️See skill gaps to guide team in the one direction
🚀Re-skill as your team grows & changes
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Hey Hunters 👋 Vectorly team is here! 🎉 Thank you so much, @kevin, for hunting Vectorly. Product Hunt is a community of people who know that the best way to move fast is to change quickly. So companies should stop thinking about work experience in terms of 🍬perks and 💸rewards and focus on job fit, job design, job impact, and job meaning — to help every team member to change and move fast. We build Vectorly based on this philosophy for product teams who want: 🧠 Use career framework for personal growth and promotion ✅ Perform tasks that contribute to skill growth 🎯 Give feedback to get skills that team needs 🧗‍♀️ Understand skill gaps to guide your team in the right direction 🚀 Re-skill as your team grows and changes I am grateful to my team for their courage to change their skills and lives and move Vectorly forward. It's our second business together. We created our first IT company 5 years ago when I was a political, not computer science student (lol). Our team is the best answer to how and why we started to work on Vectorly. @alisa_smelkova dropped the BA in Chemistry to become a designer. You discipline the whole team stays on the continuous improvement path. Thank you for your readiness to get involved in any adventure we have in mind. @alexey_olkhovoy joined our team as a project manager (even though he studied at robotics). Then switched to the frontend, and now you are the CTO. Thank you for your superpower to mentor and share knowledge. @chin_seng reskill and upskill yourself faster than anyone in our team. Sometimes I think that if tomorrow I tell you that we are starting bioengineering, by the evening you will have a plan on how to learn all these skills. @bilyalov You're the youngest on our team, but you're one of the most experienced. I love the story of how you learned to code to make Warcraft more exciting pump up your character. You inspire us to learn something new every day to pump yourself, us, and Vectorly. Besides being lifelong-learners, we worked as a software development company. We built a lot of HR and EdTech software for Enterprises. Despite the fact it was beautifully designed and filled with professional content, we never thought it was an effective way to learn. These solutions were expensive to build, hard to maintain, and unrelated to working experience. The way we learned was different: 1. We shared knowledge internally with Slack and docs 2. We decided what skills to master to be best at our job 3. We did monthly reviews to assure we move in one way. 4. As new apps and tools appeared, we found links and wrote tips to start using it. It was cheap to maintain, fast to change, and meaningful to what we do. As we grew, it took us time to set up a makeshift around it. As we conducted user interviews with IT startups, we understood we were not alone 🙃 We used Google Sheets for Skill Matrixes, Notion as a knowledge base, Trello as a Career and OKR system, and another Google Sheet for reviews. However, it becomes unmanageable as the team kept growing. So we thought: Why can’t we make a product for that? In the January 2019 Vectorly idea was born, and in May, we launched our first MVP. The new launch in October 2019, WebSummit in November, started sales in December 2019. And finally, in January, we got our first clients and started commercial pilots with several IT companies. 😻Product Hunt is a community of makers. But nothing great is made solely. We want all makers who start or grow their next big thing, remember that all happens with the help of a team starting from day 1. And we think our promo code PH25 for 25% discount would be off much help on this 🦄 💬 Please leave a comment with your feedback and questions. Vectorly team is around all day to answer all of your questions. ✨Thank you for joining us! ✨
@kevin @alexey_olkhovoy @chin_seng @bilyalov @irina_seng Thank you all! I'm happy to work with you guys!
Cool and intuitive interface and the idea is really fresh!
@nastya_kucherova Thank you for your feedback 😻
Thank you for your support! So we decided to launch #skillboardchallenge for 3 best skillboards! Rules are very simple: Post it as a comment to and most upvoted skillboards will get the prize Top 3: Vectorly hoodie 🐱 Top 10: And everyone who post to comment it's skillboard and won't be top 3 – we send you our gift box (stickers, pop socket, web-camera) See you!
Seems like a pretty cool tool, some things might be not very clear yet, but there’s always room for improvement 🌝 I began completing a product/project manager skill board (which is a kinda typical profession for Russian market), maybe someone’d find it useful (it’s still WIP, so stay tuned 🦕):
@anastasia_buyanova Thanks foк you feedback!
@anastasia_buyanova Great! First public Skillboard on our tread 🎉
Congrats on the release of your product 🥳🥳🥳
@dean_rie Thank you! So nervous right know!