Fast and easy way to vectorize an image online

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Web-based tools like this that require you to upload content to convert give me the creeps. I decided to read their full privacy policy to find out what their data retention policies are, and if there was anything about what to do with copyrighted or trademarked materials. There's some boilerplate in there about giving them the right to modify\assign\whatever, but that's the basic language every EULA on the planet is required to have in order to accept user input and display it to others. More directly to the copyright\trademark concerns, I found this bit under 6. Unauthorized Use of Materials: "Please do not submit confidential or proprietary information to us unless we have mutually agreed in writing otherwise." So if you're doing work for a client and need something vectorized, don't use this site. It's better to protect and respect your clients' data by not uploading it to a random website that asks you not to and disclaims all responsibility for what happens to it.
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@jonjones Good to know. Thanks for doing the heavy reading Jon!
I got so tired of trying to create vectors in Illustrator from images for printing. This tool has been in my arsenal for a while and hasn't failed me!
Thank GOD for this. I am so tired of using Great find!
This is a very useful tool!
This is brilliant, and from the few tests that I did it works really, really well. Awesome!