Vectary 3.0

Create 3D and AR designs for your website

The latest update of Vectary, the incredible browser-based 3D and AR content creation tool. Here’s what’s new:
+The first 3D and augmented reality CMS for the web - embed onto any 3D model to your website
+New UI
+17 new generative tools to use
+Dark mode
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15 Reviews4.7/5
Hey folks. We’ve been working on the latest Vectary version for the past couple of months. This change reflects not only the feedback we received from our users, but also a huge shift that is happening on the web right now. Thanks to Apple’s USDZ, any iPhone is an AR device, and Android will follow soon. This is an excellent opportunity for e-commerce. Seeing a product in 3D or AR can not only increase conversions, but change the entire experience on the web. Vectary is now a full-stack 3D design tool that will help you get your product or design on the web. You can now easily create and publish 3D / AR content without leaving your browser. I hope you’ll enjoy it. Thanks for the feedback!

The easiest tool for creating 3D assets. Also has awesome new embed function that can 3D-ify your existing website.


- Super easy to use - Cheaper than Cinema4D for example (used it before finding out about Vectary) - Great tool for prototyping


- Nothing to add here

I'm very happy with it


- It's currently the best available tool for generating Facebook 3D photos out of a 3d scene. - Import of existing 3D models works well.


- Works well for low-poly assets, but higher poly causes the entire environment to freeze. - Render is rather slow.

A 3d photo I created using Vectary:

looking forward to use Vectary in VR


easy way to create 3D assets for AR, fast learning curve, your work could be accessed anywhere, works even on chromebooks


UI is quite different from other 3D tools, there is no way to follow other peoples' work

Cool product! I'll try it soon.. very nice video! @michalkoor
@michalkoor @aviramkadosh Thanks, let us know what you think about it.