Share noteworthy moments from YouTube videos.

vdNote is a really cool way to watch and share noteworthy moments in YouTube videos. Paste a link of a video and start watching. Start typing a note at any moment and the video stops while you write. It then timestamps your note to that point in the video so others can see the context. It's even easy to share a note to @twitter!

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Hey Producthunt, proud Dad here! I wanted to share a project that my 12-year-old son Moses has been building. He programmed it himself over this past year. He’s worked really hard on this and I thought it would be really cool to share it with you all. I know he really would love to hear your thoughts and even suggestions after you've tried it out. 

Proud of you Moses!
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@ryanfinlay Ryan, you did the best thing you could for Moses. I've been there and I can see how awesome you can be for him. One thing for the future, don't force him to chase what others are doing blindly, just what is good for HIM, not to consider others' opinions. This can be about college or school too. You can totally ignore it but it's from my recent experience.
@morajabi Mohammad, completely agree! I try to ask the question "what is best" for every decision we make with our kids, without much consideration of tradition at all. Not out of disrespect, but because people have a track record of getting things wrong. For example, I don't think public schools have a very good environment for learning, and though it's not always popular, we decided to homeschool our kids. So instead of being handed teachers, I've been teaching Moses how to find excellent teachers to learn from. Treehouse, Khan Academy, Stack Overflow etc. More recently I've been teaching him how to find and learn from really smart/wise people on Twitter. So he's learning how to use social media, but as a tool to learn! And college, I'm with @naval and believe that in most cases it's not necessary to attend. My goal is that he learns to see and tackle problems in the world at a young age so that by the time he's of college age he would be too busy solving them to attend. Thank you for your words, I really do appreciate them and the concern for Moses behind them!
@naval @ryanfinlay 👏👏😍 You and he are awesome. I dropped out of high school last year despite I was a straight-A student, proud of it, too.
Hey there, I'm Moses, I am twelve years old and I live in Hawaii 🌴. I’ve been learning to code for the last two years on @treehouse. My dad inspired me to create vdNote when I was looking for a project to practice on. My goal with vdNote is to make it easy to share noteworthy moments from Youtube’s videos 👍 Also, you can check out the repo on Github. https://github.com/mosesfinlay/v... I would love to hear your thoughts and any feature suggestions! ✅
@treehouse @mosesfinlay Keep the good work up Moses! I starred and watched the repo on Github, it's really awesome you open sourced it too. One suggestion, move the action notifier thing (messages container) near to the center since it could easily be missed.
@mosesfinlay Great job Moses - it would super helpful if you could also create a screen capture video to show people how to use it too and especially tips like can people get an archive of all their notes, can they delete them or update them, will they be publically available or can they be private. Hope this helps!
Woah kudos Moses 👍 You've built a really good looking product and something that I think is genuinely really useful! Keep up the good work 📈 And props to dad for being so supportive 👨‍👦