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Hey guys, Elad and I decided to build VCFML when we realized how awesome it is to live in San Francisco. We were having coffee at Philz and started listing cool apps that offer free meals. We then listed a bunch of clothing apps that were offering free clothes, then moved to massages on demand, then cookies, then flowers… After our third coffee we were still naming apps. We thought we’d put them all in one place and find a good name for it. Here it is - VC Fund My Life, or in short! A curated list of coupons that actually offer awesome deals. Let us know what you think!
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Love this! #vcsubsidizedlife(forlife)?
thanks @michelletandler! You should give some of those products a try.
you may want to separate free from coupons as the site appears to be primarily coupons. it's a bit misleading imho.
@passingnotes thanks for the feedback, do you mean the slogan on the site should be a little more clear?
@hellonoam @passingnotes I agree. I clicked through to the site expecting companies to be offering free products, and instead was disappointed because it looks like some RetailMeNot site.
@ninjinka @passingnotes point taken guys, updated.
are you using your personal referral codes for these services?
@nikhilkal some of those are definitely our codes, but you shouldn't need to worry about that. We just find the best deal the company has to offer and publish that. Order some free cookies, give it a shot.
@hellonoam @nikhilkal My mind is blown by how many free cookies you're going to be able to order. I mean, you've got to be over $1k in referral credits for that... $1k worth of free cookies?!?!
I know it goes against the site's purpose, but I might even end up paying for some of these services after using the free coupons.
@dkapuchino haha that's acceptable