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#4 Product of the DayJune 05, 2015
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Hi Eric. Thanks for featuring VCFlair! Just a quick note to thank @JoshConstine. This started with him tweeting about his fantasy portfolio last month. I thought it was a great idea and built this. Let me know what you think!
@cam_pj Fun idea... kinda like fantasy football. I wonder how many VCs are on it :)
Michael, thanks for the kind words and thanks for the question. Totally agree. It's the reason why I built in a version of the "beauty contest" concept. Keynes came up with this. His idea was that people price shares not based on what they think their fundamental value is, but rather on what they think everyone else thinks their value is ( When you build a portfolio on VCFlair, you need to estimate the valuation of each company you pick. At the end of the month and if no external financial events occurred, I will look at how close from the average (set by the community) you got and you’ll get bonus points for this. This average will become the new valuation for the company. And a new month starts. With this, we are not limited to external financial events. Every month there will be new scores. I hope it makes sense? cc @centsandsums.
@cam_pj This is the problem. A month is too long. The fantasy model demands at least weekly engagement, but really it's a daily thing for core users (trades, updates, rumors, news, lineups). The frequency for this VC model hasn't been nailed, despite how fun it seems on the surface.
@dshan @cam_pj Derek, definitely fair point. I guess in this specific case, the goal is not really to create a super intensive fantasy game like many of the sports ones. The idea was more to give some kind of structure to what people were already sharing on Twitter (their "fantasy portfolio"), and add a bit of gaming fun to it (cf the valuations estimates). That being said, if we were to try and make it even more "playable", what metrics do you think we should add first?
Love this! Great design, fun concept. How has this not been around for a while :)
How has this not existed yet? The next fantasy sports
@eriktorenberg There have been 2-3 products like this on PH before (according to my memory). This is by far the most well-designed though.
Create your porfolio and prove your investing skills.