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This is just a google sheet, although useful it is not really a product
by Ben Tossell (No-coder 👉

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Thanks @roybahat for hunting! Founders, ever pitched a VC only to have her tell you they "don't invest at your stage?'. We built VC Finder to help. It's a list of all 231 active VC's in NY (for now), along with data to help founders find the right investor -- stage / sector / geo focus, typical check size, fund vintage, and past investments. Curious if folks find this useful?
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Morgan Polotan on the Bloomberg Beta team and some friends made this tool to avoid spending time pitching the wrong VCs... New York only for now.... curious what folks think!
What a squad of makers 🙌
@conradd you're too kind!
great work y'all! Wish I had this when I was fundraising. :)
@alexadelman maybe the next one? :-P
One thing that would be really helpful is how much of a current fund is deployed vs. investable.
@bmweis I suspect that metric would be hard to gather and keep current. Perhaps current fund vintage may serve as a rough approximation.
@bmweis we thought about this Brian, and the challenge is that this would require constant updating. We included fund vintage as a (rough) proxy.
@willthomsen exactly right!