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It would be awesome if you could 'Apply with AngelList' to verify investments.
I feel like Slack communities and Facebook groups are this new type of "underground" work/networking thing. Underground in the sense that if you weren't a part of one you'd wonder how all these people know each other, have a similar mindshare and help each other out all the time since it's not public like it used to be on Facebook and Twitter. Not sure if I phrased that correctly, kinda sleepy....
Fantastic idea to create a Slack community for venture capital. If this group succeeds, I imagine a scenario where every VC firm has a channel - and group members can join the channel to interact with their team. Really excited to see this community grow!
Everyone seems to be on Slack these days. It's already currently easy to pop in to different slack communities. I could see this being interesting for people looking to absorb so much knowledge directly from people.
Terrific idea!