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#4 Product of the DayJanuary 09, 2015
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Chris Maddern
Chris MaddernHiring@chrismaddern · Co-Founder, Button
It would be awesome if you could 'Apply with AngelList' to verify investments.
Kevin Xu
Kevin Xu@imkevinxu · Hacker @ Stripe
I feel like Slack communities and Facebook groups are this new type of "underground" work/networking thing. Underground in the sense that if you weren't a part of one you'd wonder how all these people know each other, have a similar mindshare and help each other out all the time since it's not public like it used to be on Facebook and Twitter. Not sure if I phrased that correctly, kinda sleepy....
Jeff Morris Jr.
Jeff Morris Jr.HunterHiring@jmj · Revenue Products at Tinder
Fantastic idea to create a Slack community for venture capital. If this group succeeds, I imagine a scenario where every VC firm has a channel - and group members can join the channel to interact with their team. Really excited to see this community grow!
Maijid Moujaled
Maijid Moujaled@drjid · iOS Developer
Everyone seems to be on Slack these days. It's already currently easy to pop in to different slack communities. I could see this being interesting for people looking to absorb so much knowledge directly from people.
Gene Fan
Gene Fan@0x11ff · CEO,
Terrific idea!