'Vacation With An Artist' in cities around the world.

We help travelers spend their vacations with master artists around the world to learn a new skill - from calligraphy in Japan to bespoke shoemaking in Czech Republic to street art in Buenos Aires, and everything in between.

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Hey there Product Hunters, I'm the founder of VAWAA | Vacation With An Artist - a new way to travel spending time in artist studios around the world learning a new skill.  I am a designer and an avid traveler. During my travels, I like to immerse myself into the local culture, make things with my hands, and get inspired by learning something new. I noted that there were others like me expecting the same from their travels, but there was no easy way to find local artists and designers in cities they would visit. Thus the idea of ‘Vacation With An Artist’ was born.  On June 1, 2015 I packed my life in New York to travel to 12 countries in 12 months, while starting work on VAWAA. Since then I’ve spent one month in each country finding and curating local artists, learning about their creative journey and craft. On November 26th, was launched. We think this is a new creative way to travel and would love to hear what you think of it! :)
Looks awesome! I'm curious about how you plan to scale this. Are you going to continue scouting out the artists yourself or will there be a way for artists to sign up by themselves at some point?
@maklesoft Thanks Martin. Great question - The plan is to always have curated artists to maintain the quality of guest experience. Besides me personally scouting for them, I have a link on site where artists can apply: In the future, I will have regional ambassadors to help me scout for them.
This is absolutely wonderful. Really really love the growing trend of buying "experiences" online, and VAWAA is particularly well done. Anyone care to join me for a shoemaking workshop in Prague?
@yoavanaki Thank you! Erik is an amazing bespoke shoemaker and great fun to be around. If you decide on going, let me know and we'll help you plan :)