Vaustil Primero is an integrated charcoal starter, a height-adjustable grate & 7 sensors for more insights on heat distribution than any other grill.

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Had a prototype in my house for one week - loved it!


Smart barbecuing, no carcinogens thanks to V-Profile, made great sauces with integrated drip catch


None so far

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had the chance to test it for one week - was amazing.


integrated charcoal starter is amazing! height adjustable grate is super easy to use


non so far

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the fact that its so easy to get the charcoal burning is a major plus.... no extra accesories required

Used the prototype a couple of times during vacation, great grilling experience. Getting the grill ready with a nice heat, which is normally always a bit of a hassle worked so easily every single time. Apparently a lot of thoughts have gone into the design of the product. Must have been made by people who love grilling :)


The grate is just great! Vertically adjustable, V-profile for healthy grilling and awesome taste!


Didn't find any yet

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Genius. This answers the main question when using charcoal grills. How hot is it.