Extract dominant colors from any image for free

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Guled Ahmed
Innovator, Aspiring Entrepreneur
First and foremost, thank you Chris for hunting Vaunt. I appreciate it. As a web developer and IOS developer there are countless of times where I’m getting inspiration from sites like Dribbble and selectively extracting colors with eyedropper tools. Most of the colors I needed were the most dominant colors from the image and so I wanted a tool that would easily extract dominant colors and save the hex values to my clipboard to use in my projects. Not only that, I wanted the tool to be easily accessible which is why I made Vaunt into a mac menu bar application. This was not only an opportunity to get rid of the tedious process of opening applications to do this, but also an opportunity to hone my Machine Learning skills. Vaunt uses a clustering algorithm (K-Means algorithm) in such a way as to extract the most prominent colors within the image (there are some optimization algorithms as well to increase the level of accuracy of the clustering algorithm). Currently, Vaunt is only for Mac, but I plan on extending it to multiple platforms. Currently Vaunt gives you the hex value in your clipboard, but that will be extended to formats such as UIColor, etc in subsequent updates. I hope you all enjoy using the tool as I do.
Ariel Assaraf
Co-founder & CPO - Coralogix
@_guled_ This is pretty cool, totally see how I can use this
leanne mclaughlinUser Experience Designer
So handy thanks for this!
Looks really nice! I guess it could become "must have" tool for designers
Scott Wyden Kivowitz
Photographer / Marketing @ Imagely
Nicely done. The UI is beautiful and super simple.
Cosmin Băluţă
Marketing, Interbrands
This is nice. I'm waiting for a website version.
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