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#1 Product of the DayOctober 24, 2016
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Thanks Kevin for hunting us. Hi Everyone - Let's cut to the chase Ever felt hopeless about lost files & documents stored in multiple cloud accounts and you weren't able to figure out where? Vaultedge helps you find documents from different cloud accounts like Gmail, Drive, Outlook, Dropbok. We are your private Google for private documents. We will soon launch Desktop, Evernote and Slack integration. Support us today and get 1 year of FREE plan.
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@sasajeev Evernote support sounds great for me, will you be just looking at PDF and Word files in notes or also at "written" ones?
@fxcutz We are working on improving our OCR support, so I believe written notes will also be included.
@fxcutz Thanks for the "note" about Evernote. Anyother other than Evernote would be of your interest?
@sasajeev Could you tell me how your product differs from odrive? Additionally, your sign-up system is rejecting my email address, most likely because our domain extension is not a .com, .org etc. In 2016, in a newly launched product, this should NOT be happening.
@andreasduess Hi Andreas, that is a great question, thanks for asking. I believe odrive provides you one access to all your cloud storage, but I don't think it adds value on top of that. Vaultedge adds rich metadata by categorizing, indexing, tagging and summarizing so that you can find your data faster. I will be happy to answer if you have more questions.
Link all your online accounts to Vaultedge and manage all your files in one platform. Vaultedge brings your documents from cloud storage, hard drive and emails into one platform. It categorizes your documents which makes it easy for you to access.
@kwdinc Finding your content from 4 different online storage services from one portal is amazing. I'm definitely signing up.
@abhisihelp @kwdinc Thanks Paresh. Looking forward to your feedback.
Product Hunters! :) If you think you have a use-case with Vaultedge - Try us out! If you think you don't have a need for Vaultedge - let us know what you do , We'll find a use-case for you:)
I use Dropbox and Google Drive heavily and I cannot remember where exactly a file resides. I spend almost 10 minutes everytime I am looking for a file. I tried it and got the file in under 30 seconds. Wow!
@mohitmamoria Hi Mohit, glad you liked Vaultedge. Hopefully we will continue to live up to your expectations.
Hey Sanjeev! Loved the concept, would love to try it out but I am having problems signing up. The captcha pop up opens behind the sign up popup and there is no way I can do the captcha without dismissing the signup form.
@ankitmahindru Thanks Ankit for trying Vaultedge. I'm sorry the captcha is blocking you. Which browser/OS are you on? We will DM you understand the issue better. Let me know if that works.
@sasajeev I am on Chrome, Windows 10. Sure, that wouldn't be a problem :)
@ankitmahindru Thanks Ankit for reporting this, I think we found the issue. We will upload a new version soon.
@ankitmahindru Thanks again for pointing out the issue.