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Sajeev Aravindan — Engineer
Thanks Kevin for hunting us.

Hi Everyone - Let's cut to the chase

Ever felt hopeless about lost files & documents stored in multiple cloud accounts and you weren't able to figure out where?

Vaultedge helps you find documents from different cloud accounts like Gmail, Drive, Outlook, Dropbok. We are your private Google for private documents.

We will soon launch Desktop, Evernote and Slack integration. Support us today and get 1 year of FREE plan.
@sasajeev Evernote support sounds great for me, will you be just looking at PDF and Word files in notes or also at "written" ones?
Sajeev Aravindan — Engineer
@fxcutz We are working on improving our OCR support, so I believe written notes will also be included.
Sajeev Aravindan — Engineer
@fxcutz Thanks for the "note" about Evernote. Anyother other than Evernote would be of your interest?
Andreas Duess — CCO, Nourish Food Marketing
@sasajeev Could you tell me how your product differs from odrive? Additionally, your sign-up system is rejecting my email address, most likely because our domain extension is not a .com, .org etc. In 2016, in a newly launched product, this should NOT be happening.
Sajeev Aravindan — Engineer
@andreasduess Hi Andreas, that is a great question, thanks for asking. I believe odrive provides you one access to all your cloud storage, but I don't think it adds value on top of that. Vaultedge adds rich metadata by categorizing, indexing, tagging and summarizing so that you can find your data faster. I will be happy to answer if you have more questions.
Sajeev Aravindan — Engineer
@andreasduess I'm sorry about your email id being rejected. I believe you are already conversing with our engineers. We will find a solution for you.
Sajeev Aravindan — Engineer
Guys, we are making a major deployment now. The site might be unresponsive for few minutes, Please bear with us
Sajeev Aravindan — Engineer
Done with the deployment, thanks for bearing with us.
Giacomo Lawrance — Author of The Nerdy Student
@sasajeev Looking forward to Evernote and Slack integration!
Andreas Duess — CCO, Nourish Food Marketing
@sasajeev Thanks Sajeev, all has been sorted out and I am excited to poke around - thanks for making it possible. . A number of observations :

Typos, typos, typos. If I am to trust a company with my files, I'd like to see a sense of professionalism. Right now, there isn't a single page that doesn't contain at least one typo or grammatical error.

Unresponsive elements - there are a number of unresponsive elements I've encountered (on Chrome, latest). For example, the "exclude folders" button in the gogle drive selection box is not working in the "yes" position.
Pranit Kamarshi — Backend Developer
@andreasduess @sasajeev Thank you Andreas for taking the time to try out Vaultedge. We will fix all the issues mentioned right away.
Sajeev Aravindan — Engineer
@giacomolaw Thanks Giacomo. Will keep you posted
Sajeev Aravindan — Engineer
@andreasduess I Apologize for not being critical in reviewing the grammar. Will fix that. We have fixed the "exclude folders" issue. If you are aware of other issues, please do let me know so that we can fix them.
Sajeev Aravindan — Engineer
Thanks Product Hunters for the great feedback. When we came live yesterday in ProductHunt, we honestly did not expect more than 100 signups. But the actual response was truly overwhelming.

When Kevin finished posting us in ProductHunt and informed us, I thought of rebooting one of the let's say "important" servers to free up memory. When it rebooted it came up with a new IP address. I quickly checked whether we used the IP of the server in the code and noticed in one place we have hard coded the IP. Now I will have to change the IP and redeploy the code just when we have opened up to public. If not done, connecting cloud services will fail. When I was trying to quickly make that change, our frontend engineer Nadeer wanted to make a small change to disable a checkbox since it was always selecting the first selected option making the checkbox irrelevant. I thought what a f**king start to the Product Hunt and was worried what's more in store for us.

But luckily after that it was much smoother. There were few signup issues due to special characters in password (which we are fixing as we speak), captcha appearing in the wrong place and a particular popup won't close when clicked on yes. But the most important of all the lessons is to keep at least double the number of servers than what you think is needed. We pretty much ground to a halt when a large number of users signed up simultaneously and connected their cloud accounts.

In the end after more than 300+ signups and 500+ accounts connected, we processed thru (still processing thru some) millions of documents. I know that some of your accounts are still being indexed and I apologize for that. We will try and redirect the load to new servers so that the existing jobs can finish faster.

After going thru PH, I feel like what ever preparations you do, you still will not be completely ready for what ProductHunters may throw at you. Be ready to stumble, get up and walk.

Thanks a lot for all the hunters, makers and early adopters who makes this community awesome. Please hit me back with any questions on Vaultedge or our Producthunt launch, or to simply say Hi.
Kevin William David — Community @Siftery. No 1 Hunter on PH🥇
Link all your online accounts to Vaultedge and manage all your files in one platform. Vaultedge brings your documents from cloud storage, hard drive and emails into one platform. It categorizes your documents which makes it easy for you to access.
Paresh Patel — Co-Founder, Abhisi Help Desk
@kwdinc Finding your content from 4 different online storage services from one portal is amazing. I'm definitely signing up.
Sajeev Aravindan — Engineer
@abhisihelp @kwdinc Thanks Paresh. Looking forward to your feedback.
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