Valet parking when you drive to the office (code: PH2014)

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HamzaMaker@hamzaouazzanic · Co-founder at Spot Angels
Good morning hunters! We just launched Vatler, which is an on-demand valet for those of you who drive to the office. The app is not on the app store but I can send it to you if you enter your email here: We started with the use-case of offices but the vision is to make it a valet anywhere, anytime. Use the promocode PH2014 to have a free first crazy experience ;) Share your thought :)
Philip I. Thomas
Philip I. Thomas@philipithomas · Co-founder at moonlight
Interesting. Prices are just ok - I'm imagining it would be cheaper if they rented a large lot farther away and just dispatched 2 employees on scooters - one to drive the car and the other to follow. The model won't scale well beyond SF because the people cost will exceed storage space costs in most other markets. It's also unclear whether the monthly pricing is only weekdays. Is tipping expected? Handling surges of calls will be hard. I wonder whether a better business may be setting up smaller "remote" parking lots where one drops off their car, then employees drive cars from these smaller remote lots to a cheaper, larger lot that is farther away asynchronously.
HamzaMaker@hamzaouazzanic · Co-founder at Spot Angels
@philipithomas Thanks Philip for your thoughts! Actually we park in the nearest garage for the moment so it's time effective for our valets
Miles Penn
Miles Penn@msjpenn
I used it once -- it was pretty cool to have someone valet my car for a meeting!
Cole Mercer
Cole Mercer@colemercer · Product @ SoundCloud
@hamzaouazzanic FYI it seems like your top-most homepage header image isn't expanding properly at large viewport sizes.
HamzaMaker@hamzaouazzanic · Co-founder at Spot Angels
Thank you @colemercer! Going to fix that