Varram Pet Robot

Brainy companion for home alone pets

#4 Product of the DayNovember 09, 2018

Except for being a cute robot, Varram is also a smart one. It uses 5 sense stimulus artificial intelligence to learn about your pets, exercise and entertain them when you are not home.😻

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39 Reviews4.1/5
Hi Product Hunt 😊 We are thrilled to be here.😻 And thank you @chrismessina for hunting us!! I want to tell you the story of Varram’s creation. There are thousands of pet parents worrying about their pets left alone while they are working and have to be away from them. And there are thousands of pets out there suffering from overweight and obesity that impact their life quality.😿 Varram was born to be the perfect combined solution to these problems.✨ It can exercise your pets by playing with them and keep them happy and entertained. Snack reward system makes playing with Varram even more fun. Sounds good, right? All in all It’s simple, smart and affordable.❤️ It’s a great companion for your pets while you are not home. If you have any questions, i'll be happy to help 😊
@beeohkim What a great robot! I`ll recommend it to my friends ;)
@nadezhda_kos Thanks for supporting us ❤️
@beeohkim @nadezhda_kos this company does not accept returns, DO NOT BUY THIS ROBOT!

I imagine how much my dog will love playing with Varram.


This Robot has the best design In my opinion.


hmmm, I must try it first to say

DON’T BUY It Note to all: I’ve been waiting three months now, and excuse is the only thing I can get. The following is a message that was just sent to me when I asked where is my product: “Hi Robin, thank you for backing Varram. We have some technical issues thus our production goes slower as planned. Also. we want to make sure that our backers get only high-end product. We are planning to give an update during this week with more detailed information about delivery time frame and shipping methods, so stay tuned for more.” I feel sorry for my fur baby. He’s the one waiting
Have you tested it's durability?
@arsen_hakobian We've used FDA standard material, polycarbonate. Varramhad no problem with a 288Kg(approx. 630lb) weight test.
@arsen_hakobian @beeohkim That's great, but this would take less than an hour for my german shepherd to destroy. The bits that are most susceptible are all the seams... the treat compartment, the wheel covers, all that sorta stuff. He'll get right in there and tear it apart. If you look at any number of 'Indestructible' dog toys on the market, they all say you shouldn't leave your pet alone with them - because there's no such thing as indestructible.
@rossdcurrie As i said Varram had no problem with a 288Kg(approx. 630lb) weight test. Also, we've tested on over 50 big dogs to bite, scratch, and gnaw on our product. The robot passed these tests. But of course it's not guaranteed to be indestructible, that's why we do provide a one year guarantee, so if something happens, send it in!
@mane_gharibyan We have a shepard dog too. Does the 1 y guarantee actually cover destruction by gnawing in the 1st year? Or can I be sure I can count on your goodwill provided I have sent you a picture of the gnawed wreck?
@max_tayler_ulf_thorben Yes, the warranty does cover that :)
@mane_gharibyan I'm totally in love with this product <3

Overall looks cool. Great to entertain your pet when you don't have time.


Yeap! Absolutely


Reduces human-pet real interaction