Turn any desk into a standing desk

Varidesk is a line of standing desks that convert your existing desk into the perfect productivity partner.

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Looks interesting. There's a poor man's version of this idea on Amazon for $40 ( that's the #1 best seller in computer desks. I haven't used it personally, but I know a few startup people who do (and they bought it for those two reasons). Note: There's a version that supports external keyboards for $108 ( It actually just looks like two of the same stand, so... I know that math does not add up, but hopefully this helps others get their feet wet in standing desks.
@kicksopenminds I've been looking for a somewhat portable version and these might fit the bill. Thanks for sharing.
Pretty nice looking. I've tried way too many hacks to convert my desk to a standing desk. Most end up being slightly annoying to deal with, and all look ridiculous. I could use this big time.
I own a Varidesk and am a big fan. I'd highly recommend it. There's a ton of adjustment levels and it's very sturdy. I fit my 27" and my MBP on it, albeit I have to have both of them facing slightly inward at an angle to accommodate the space. I'm 6'2", so I require the highest setting when in standing desk mode. I wouldn't recommend if you're over 6'2" as your arms may hang unnaturally low (and not just over 90 degrees). The only other negative is that the base where your keyboard sits is elevated a solid half inch off your desk. The space for your keyboard/mouse combo is limited so you'll need to adjust where you're used to placing these.
@cballou Hey, glad you commented about your height. Which model do you have? I'm 6'0" and was very concerned that this would be too small for me. Looks like the height of the top table is just 17.5" high.
Started standing at work 2 years ago with a Varidesk as my first-ever enabler. Haven't looked back. Sturdy as hell, stable, trivial to adjust. PRO TIP: get a good floor mat; makes all the difference in comfort and endurance with any standing setup:
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