Varanida builds a decentralized, fair and transparent digital ecosystem. Varanida allows web users to own their data and monetize their attention, publishers to earn more from their content, and advertisers to avoid fraud while getting better performance on their campaigns.

  • Pros: 

    Ad blocking + Token Reward + Nice UI


    Minor UI glitch

    I've been using Varanida extension for > 2 months without any problem. It's a fork of AdBlock (so expect the same level of AdBlocking) with an additional reward layer (VAD token). This generate passive income for me without changing my day-to-day browsing experience

    Mickael has used this product for one month.
  • Pros: 

    Great Ad-Blocker, Great product and token reward


    Sometimes browser restart needed for token reward to increase

    I've been using the Varanida extension since the early beginning of the publication of the airdrop post. At that moment we were like 20 on the discord channel.

    From that moment to the present time, the team was always available, helpful and ready to communicate with the community.

    You feel that the team is very professional from their background as well as from the way they are conducting communication about the project. The community is constantly growing and the project is not even yet in private sale.

    I am really awaiting the ICO !!!

    🚀 Airdrop manager 🚀 has used this product for one month.
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Nicolas Grenié
Nicolas GreniéHunterHiring@picsoung · Developer Advocate, Typeform
I have known the founders of Varanida when they started ( back in 2010, so I was really curious to see their new project. Although I am concerned about data privacy I never installed an ad blocker before discovering Varanida. I was tempted to try it because I had nothing to loose, at worst I would have got some coins and help a friend's project. Since I installed, I have discovered a new Internet without ads! Installation was really easy! I can't wait to see the second phase where they will give users more control over the data they are sharing with sites they visit. Go Varanida! 🦎
Anji Ismaïl
Anji IsmaïlMaker@anjismail · Co-founder at Varanida
@picsoung thanks for hunting us... obviously, you are biased 😝 Hello PH people, happy to be back here with something new. We've been working on Varanida for the past 6 months with an amazing team (, and are really excited to come up with this prototype which has two main features: 1. An Ad Controller that rewards web users in tokens (VAD) 2. A Data Wallet to get back data ownership This is the first application of a larger vision we are pursuing: a decentralized protocol to make the advertising and publishing industry more transparent and fairer. Happy to answer your questions and looking forward to your feedback.
Geert den Ouden
Geert den Ouden@taskfors010
New here to share my positive feedback on the product. It works like a charm! Installation is a piece of cake. Keep up the good work :)
Seb Resti
Seb Resti@seb_resti
Hi. Do I have to enter a wallet adress for the token? If yes, where?
@seb_resti You can create a new wallet when you launch the extension. If you have any problem you can reach out to them on Discord ( or (if you are not a Discord guy) contact their support directly )
Seb Resti
Seb Resti@seb_resti
@wopsr Ok. i,ve found, thx