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#5 Product of the DaySeptember 20, 2018

Vapid is a template-driven content management system. Currently, it's already deployed on Cards Against Humanity website by Naz Hamid and Scott Robbin.

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This looks like a godsend for freelance developers with non-technical clients! 😍
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Thanks for the feedback all! We're doing a couple of little big fixes today but will circle back on replies and such soon. πŸ™
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I came across Vapid on Hacker News today and was super interested by the product, especially the simplicity. There is now a CMS for almost every needs What is the story behind Vapid, @weightshift @srobbin ?
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Any plan to implement custom post type the same way as Kirby CMS does with it's templates & blueprints concepts?
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@katrynvonfelsen Yes, definitely. I just opened an issue to start discussion/development.
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This looks fantastic. I would love to see a roadmap for new features.
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