Vantage Robotics Snap

Mind-blowing aerial video for everyone

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Is it really 4K?
@simooncave - Thanks for your question Simon. Snap uses a Sony Exmor IMX 377 image sensor and processor capable of 4k 30 fps, 1080 120 fps and 720 240 fps. We are working with the best image tuner in the world to make sure that we make the most of all of those pixels. The current design does not have this final camera integrated, as the tuning is not done - so the video you see is taken with a more vanilla HD camera.
@tobinfisher looks very promising! Love the demo with the Verge btw :)
Please let me know if you have any questions about Snap. I'm happy to talk forever about any detail of the design! It has been a labor of love for me and the rest of the team at Vantage - it is so exciting to finally get to share what we've done with the world.
How are you tracking the location of the user for backup shots? Also, I dig your spoked guard design. At first it looked like a solution in search of a problem, but it looks like it solves the safety problem quite well.
@boxcardavid Thanks David! We track the user's location using their cell phone's GPS and accelerometers (for smoothing between the 1 Hz GPS updates). It is amazing how having protected blades completely changes the experience of having a flying camera operating around you - it changes it from a stressful and tense experience to something magical and playful.
I love tha idea of flying camera, not drone with camera