Vantage is a calendar designed for people who like to think and understand things visually. A lot of attention has been taken to present time in intuitive ways using perspective, color and motion. And it's resulted in some pretty interesting UX solutions.

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Guitar Hero: calendar
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@gabriel__lewis personally I find this a little too "over the top" in terms of random flashy things. I'm partial to Moleskine's Timepage ( which also has visual manifestations of how busy you are that day, but it's a lot cleaner.
@katesegrin yeah I don't think I could use this as my daily driver but I love the animations 😜
It's like a student's Dribbble post come to life!
This looks amazing, and I would use it, but any short or long term plans to get this on Android?
oooooof i love this @gabriel_lewis this is SO much closer to how i picture time
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