VanMoof Smart Series

Smart city bikes with big personality for $800 ⚡

Whether you’re looking to upgrade your commute or add some oomph to your A to B, our tough city bikes are here to deliver. Don’t be fooled by the minimalist design — inside that sleek aluminum frame, there’s an arsenal of integrated smarts like rider recognition, theft defense, and automatic lights that never run out of juice.

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Electric bikes just keep getting better and better 😍⚡
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@amrith It took me a while to realize but it seems like the Smart series aren't Electric for peddling, only the alarm etc.
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@TacoCarlier Is there a way to hear the new sounds somewhere? And what are the differences between SmartBike 2017 and these new ones?
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Love it. I'll come see you at your upcoming store in Paris in July! PS: Is there a way to be bike hunter?
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This is a really interesting concept. The $19 /month price tag seems pretty good. But there are a few gotchas: 1. You need to put a "down payment" to get your key. You won't get that money back from them, you will need to sell the key to someone else to recoup some of the cost (probably hard to do) 2. They recover your stolen bike for a $98 fee. 3. From the bike description it almost seems that you wouldn't need a bike lock because of the built-in alarm. But in a big city, I think the alarm would not deter a thief... more likely that it would just cause damage to the bike because of someone trying to shut it down. 4. Not available in many locations, and so if you don't live near one of their stores, getting the bike fixed or tuned up would be a bit of a pain. 5. It's a custom bike, so probably many repair shops wouldn't mess with. The bike itself, seems pretty cool, and it's nice to see companies adding built-in security and light components. But if available I would rather buy the bike then rent it. Generally bikes last a long time - I would rather invest in having my own than subscribing.
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Great job!!😊 New unique concept !! Does it ship to India ?