Check the Twitter toxicity level of all your tweets

Vanilla is a tool that scans your social media for objectionable posts and allows you to manage them. Think of it as spring cleaning for your social history.

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Remember folks, you're connecting and giving access to all your tweets to a product without an about page. The idea is clever and I'm sure this is an MVP but think before you do this.
You barrier of entry is steep, lol. I am sure a number of users would drop off at the getting started point. That form really brings one back to earth. Logging in with your twitter account feels more natural
@citizenfatimah True! I didn't expect any kind of login in fact. Normally there isn't with such tools but yes, if they do want to collect leads, Twitter login would have been the most sensible option.
Wow! I like the idea 🀩 Why not create a twitter bot that automatically replies to all toxic tweets with the tweet's toxicity level? πŸ˜‡
@alollou clever but that might only inspire the jerks and trolls.
Great job!! 😊 Will check it out!! 😊
Really smart πŸ‘ - imagine having to do this manually