A softcover notebook designed for greatness.

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Hey all, Baron Fig co-founder here. We're the guys who collaborated with Product Hunt last fall on the super popular Maker limited edition. We're back now with our first completely new notebook product since our first year when we launched. The Vanguard has been designed based on the community feedback we've been getting over the last couple of years. Rundown: Each pack comes with 3 notebooks. They're available in two colors (Charcoal and Light Gray) and three sizes (Pocket, Flagship, and Plus). I am extremely biased, but testing the Flagship Vanguard the past few months has been a treat. I absolutely love it.
Everything BF makes is top notch - would expect more of the same from Vanguard!
@gregmschwartz Thanks Greg! Enjoying my Stork t-shirt :)
Solid work, as always! I'm never without my Confidant and look forward to picking up a few Vanguards. Joey/Adam—what's the difference between the Vanguard and the Apprentice, aside from new sizes and colors?
@trev Trevor, long time no see! Thanks for the good words. The Vanguard is replacing the Apprentice, but Pocket version is essentially the same as the Apprentice. Hope that helps!
What's the expense ratio on these? :) Kidding! These look great, so glad you have dot grid.
@spaceprovided Sweet thanks Jordan!
@spaceprovided what do you mean by expense ratio? do you mean markup? It's worth baring in mind that you get 3x for $12
@_jacksmith haha, it was a joke related to investment funds:
@spaceprovided got it. yeah, the name confused me initially as well
Since when does a paper notebook fall under technology?