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#5 Product of the DayFebruary 12, 2018

On Van Secrets you will find amazing free camping locations all around the world. Add your own free camping spots and share them with your friends.

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Hi Product Hunt, I'm very proud to launch my first project. I used to build WordPress themes, but I realized I want to do something else. I wanted to build an app that gives people value and which is used on a daily basis. Something that I would use myself, too. An app where I can learn new skills and just try things out. There were a lot of things I didn't do before, but that's what made it so fun to build. Learning new skills you need right now and not in a distant future. So this was my idea behind the project: Last summer I was driving with a van trough Europe and searched for a good website to find free camping spots. But not only free camping spots, I also wanted to know where I can find wild spots where I can stay for free even if I could get a fine. And why not include toilets and showers also. I wanted to build an web app which is beautiful, easy to use and has all information in one place. All spots should provide images so you can see where are you heading to. I just wanted to find the most beautiful places worldwide and help others to find them, too. I didn’t find any website that covers my needs. So I started to build my own. And here it is! Let me know what you think! 🤙
@gola99 Looks great! Been following Van secrets on instagram. Good to see you a van secrets app!
This looks beautiful, well done! Have you thought about hooking in other sources to have a few more spots initially?
@derkinzi Thanks man! Yes, thought about it. But then I wouldn't have any images for those spots. I thought, if you don't know how a spot looks like why should someone drive all the way to just find out this spot is not good at all. But you are right, I need definitely more spots.
@gola99 I see. Maybe you can make them designed like "2nd class" spots, so it's obvious to the user that they are not curated by this community. However, I think this would give you a head start as it would make the app a lot more useful instantly. And it definitely deserves that. All existing websites/apps look and feel like 90ies webdesign. The #vanlife movement deserves better ;)
@gola99 also thanks for the dark mode :)
@derkinzi Haha, yeah. Love the dark mode :)
@derkinzi and @gola99 It might be possible to add all of the United States National Park and State Park camp grounds by leveraging their API. It looks like their website is having some trouble at the moment. But I'm pretty sure this is/was the correct url
Love the design of this. Congrats on the launch! Has been cool seeing you build this over the last few months 🙌
@marckohlbrugge Thank a lot for your awesome WIP community :)
I remember you had posted the project on IndieHackers couple of months ago. Great progress! I wish you many happy users.
@alex_parij Thank you :)
This is awesome @gola99, I like the simple layout that lets you easily see what's round in every country, and how easy it is to add new spots. One cool addition in future could be -- when you click on the wild spot and the profile pops up, it also includes best times of year to go based on weather / how busy it is 🚐 🏕
@abadesi Thank you so much! And I love your idea. Will definitely add it to my list :)