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Thanks for posting, Chris! (And, nice to hear from's been a while!) We're excited to launch this. I think we can get early access for people on here (the link above requires an invite)...try this out: . Let me know what you think!
@aristeinberg well that filled up quickly! Congrats. Excited to try this out.
I worked with Ari at Flock before he joined Facebook. Cool to see him tackle the travel market with a "robotic travel agent".
Love the attention to detail here, e.g. including the cost and duration of the Heathrow Express train + Underground into London:
@lukasfittl Thanks! Yes, there is a lot of functionality in there, we've tried hard to keep things simple while giving you lots of power/flexibility. This bit in particular comes with help from, which we love :)
Great solution for a *really* hard problem
@fritzanity thanks, appreciate all your help/feedback so far!
Congrats to the Vamo team and @aristeinberg. I know this launch has been a long time coming, so I'm super excited to try the product! Now.... if I could just figure out how to travel to all of these exotic locales with a < 1 year old baby....
thanks @ashbhoopathy! yes, we should probably partner with a babysitting company...know any good ones? ;)