Organize and track your job search

ValuesFit is a platform for helping job candidates easily find the right fit.

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Edwin CarbajalI like building things
I haven't taken a look at the product but it seems similar to Huntr ( from the thumbnails. How is this different?
@edwin_carbajal Even comparing the two landing pages side-by-side is like a game of spot the difference 🤔🤔
@edwin_carbajal Hi! Curious to what you have to say about this. As for me, I think Huntr is a great product and we are very similar. But while our main features may overlap quite a bit currently, I think our overall product vision may differ. I see that Huntr is going in a more JibberJobber full CRM route and that's great, but with ValuesFit, while having this CRM is important to our mission, it's overall goal is to develop a platform that helps candidates find the right fit through a great candidate/interview experience. We have some stuff for employers in the works and hopefully that will clear things up in the future. If there are any employers that are interested in providing a better candidate experience, please shoot me an email at
Hi folks! I think job searching is always a stressful part of life, especially if you have to use spreadsheets, post it notes, or another complex system of managing your search. That's why ValuesFit exists. It can help you organize and track your job search easily in one location. Let me know what you think!
Raphaël Chabaud
Account Executive Intercom
Added value compared to do that in Trello ?
@raphchabaud I think for most products that specialize in a specific area, they are more effective at completing that specific task. Of course, we cannot be Trello at project management, but hopefully, with our chrome extension and job specific UI, we can provide a smoother experience to job hunting than Trello can. That said, I'm curious to what you think about this matter.