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WTF?!? Y’all can’t be serious about this … Even if this was supposed to be some kind of April Fools’ joke, y’all are redirecting folks to a website where they seemingly would be uploading a CV for you to mine, which is extremely shady behavior. CC: @rrhoover.
yes it's an april fool! as you say the landing page redirects to our existing ValueMyCV product which can perfectly well be used to value your date's CV! privacy policy is clear, you can opt out of any comms etc. We need the CV to provide the valuation service described.
@dougall No one is going to say, “Oh, lemme check the Privacy Policy before I upload my date’s CV on this website I probably didn’t even realize I was redirected to.” This was NOT amusing. Stop doing shady shit.
We're very proud of this, launching today by the team behind ValueMyCV! Feedback/comments greatly appreciated