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#5 Product of the DayMay 22, 2015
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Just saw this on Lifehacker. From there: "Adzuna’s ValueMyCV tool looks at your resume and finds keywords that assess details like qualifications, experience, and industry. It then uses text mining, running this information through a set of algorithms, based on industry standards, to give you a general number of what you can expect to earn." They're based in the UK, so you'll have to convert your result if you're based elsewhere. And remember to take the result with a big handful of salt!
@riaface Thanks for putting us forward on ProductHunt Ria! As you say, this is a tool that was built for the UK by our data scientists based on a sample of UK resumes - took us almost a year to build but still in beta, but we've been getting some amazing feedback on it and would love to hear where people think we should take it next.
Just tried this out with my own CV. It said I'm worth about 30% less than what I earned at my last salaried job. Curious to know if this is because I have a poorly made CV, the algorithm is a bit inaccurate, or if I just got lucky with a high-paying job =) Would love to hear other people's results!
@scottwrobinson Thanks Scott. We built the tool based on a sample of around 50k UK resumes where we knew the salary. In our own tests, we're within 10% of the true market salary (in the UK) a really high % of the time. Location is also a factor in the model. Are you a software engineer? I'm guessing the market value of your skills might be higher in US than UK. We also offer a feedback mechanism so people can enter their actual salary and we can use that to improve the model. Not getting a very high % of people filling that in though, so would be curious if anyone has any ideas on how we could capture that from more people without it feeling creepy.
@dougall Yup, I am a software engineer in the US. I suspect the difference is a combination of the factors we've mentioned: location, poorly written CV, and above average salary. Where can you give the salary feedback? I see you can rate the estimate, and there is a feedback page for features, but its not immediately clear to me how to help you out. Maybe make it more front-and-center since users don't typically go out of their way to help. Good luck with the product!
@scottwrobinson Thanks Scott! The salary feedback form currently pops up once you give a star rating ... as you say, maybe we should be more direct in asking for it.
This is a pretty cool idea. I wish it was converted to USD though. Definitely would be cool to be able to use the tool.
@curl Thanks Rodney, we were thinking of building different versions for each market because we assumed salaries vary - even currency adjusted - or do you think we'd be better off with one tool and you just choose your currency on the output?
Really excited to see ValueMyCV featured on ProductHunt, we're in beta and didn't submit (got picked up from lifehacker who picked up from another press article) - so please be gentle. We started Adzuna as a job search engine, and realised people want salary data and personalised matches, not just search, hence ValueMyCV! Some things we would love feedback on: -Internationalising the product - the beta was built for the UK but seems to work pretty well for other english language countries -Other features - we've been looking at adding in spell checking, more sophisticated career pathing, charts on industry salaries, education and personal development options ... what would you add next? -Privacy etc - how comfortable are people with sharing their resumes? -How would you do this on mobile? Cheers, Doug and team
How does this work for other countries/regions? Interesting concept.