Value For Money

Learn how to get higher prices for your design work

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Hi Everyone, Lior Frenkel here - I'm the co-author of this book (together with Ran Segall). Over the past year we have helped hundreds of designers take their freelance design career to the next level. We've helped them increase their value and rates, position themselves better and get more clients to approve their proposals. We called the book Value For Money and it is a guide and a blueprint for freelance designers to help change the way they think about money and the way they talk about it with their clients. Let me know if you have any questions...
From helping define and understand your value, to applying the Design Thinking process to proposals and understanding your clients - this book has it all! In a clear, structured and easy to understand layout, Ran and Lior walk you through with confidence, how to have happy clients and better relationships with them. With memorable quotes and info graphics, this really is the step-by-step guide to being valued, getting paid and success!
Lior taught me so much in the last year or so. From being 'just another helpful entrepreneur' to a friend who I really trust and often contact. Highly recommend checking out his writings. This dude knows how to provide​ value.
This book is essentially everything you need to know about how to set up your freelance business for success. And although it's geared for designers, there are enough lessons to learn and stories to laugh at for any sort of solopreneur. Ran and Lior have managed to jam in loads of practical tips and hard-earned advice while keeping the book inspiring and entertaining. I especially loved how they approached pricing, value and positioning from many different angles and perspectives, using lots of examples and relevant personal stories, and offering some great mindset-shifting strategies and step-by-step financial exercises.