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Hey folks! Glad to be here at Product Hunt 💪 I’m proud to introduce my new talk show, where I interview startup founders sharing real-life stories of running a startup. I publish video interviews at www.valleytalks.com, and you can also listen to podcasts on iTunes http://apple.co/21Di5q2 The show gives an insider's look at the beginnings of each startup, reveals their operational secrets and talks about everyday challenges. The goal is to give a better idea of how startup life, especially in Silicon Valley, looks like. It's a very small team producing this and I hope it can quickly grow with your help and attention 😌 Honored to have @LisaQFetterman, @TomaszKol, @vlasso, @Emmie and others on the show, as well as @RunwayIncubator as our partner who kindly hosts our crew at their fantastic igloo. Let me know what you think, since this is a very early stage project, I’m hungry for feedback! 💋